After having released their first album KONICHIWOW for the Berlin label Alien snatch, the Sushicorners are back with a new work, an EP entitled Leftlovers published this time on cassette for Moka Produzioni. The duo composed by Antonio Orrù (Undisco kidd) and Andrea Pilleri (Love boat, the Rippers) once again choose the strongly congenital lo-fi formula in their union, four pieces of acid and pungent Power pop, two voices in unison as crankshaft, energetic guitars that rattle like in the best punk garage tradition, all supported by lines of enthusiastic bass, rhythmic mashups between real drums and toy sounds, obsessive keyboards with psychedelic traits, lots of energy and inspiration. They are ready for their mini tour that will start from Sardinia on March 24th 2018, we strongly advise you to see them and in the meantime mount in the car, turn up the volume and shoot their first single Once in a while, hoping that the body holds up the vibrations well, wish you a good journey at full speed!


Leftlovers streaming

Buy the Cassette here

6 euro cassette plus 2 euro shipping

Compact Cassette/Normal bias type one

Handmaded and checked one by one

50 pieces available 


– Once in a while
– Rat trap
– Do i look i’m under 21?
– Something like that


Sushicorner “The leftlovers mini tour”

Marzo 24 La Cantinarock Carbonia
Marzo 25 Corto Maltese Poetto Cagliari
Marzo 29 Trenta Formiche Roma
Marzo 30 T-Trane Record Store Perugia
Marzo 31 Joshua Blues Club Albate (Como)
Aprile 01 Lido San Domenico & La Buvette Lugano
Aprile 02 Biz in the Woodz Badia a Ruoti (AR)

Sushicorner loves you

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