Francesco Serra_ Remembering the recordings of “UNTITLED”

Less than a year ago with Francesco Serra we did a lot of work and we left for the high Marmilla, we shut ourselves up in an icy house and between a grappa and another we began to record his new album. I directed my Tascam 246 hanging from icy cables and he on the guitar set like no one else would. It was a difficult job due to the extreme conditions and various technical problems that resulted from it but as always in his company also highly stimulating. At the end of the second day we almost closed and we were almost slaughtered in a Paperoga quarrel against Dynamite Bla, the next day we were already drinking beer and chatting as if nothing had happened. Today this work finally comes out for Frattonove / Argo Laboratorium in limited edition on cassette accompanied by digital download. I am really happy and I think that what a good fight does not divide, certainly unites, to another 100 more! good listening and good buying.


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